June 17, 2024
San Luis Obispo electrician

San Luis Obispo electrician answers ‘Home or public EV charging, which is best?’

-Charging an electric vehicle (EV) at home is certainly more convenient than using a public charging station, but what are the other benefits? Along with convenience, the electrician team from San Luis Obispo’s Electricraft, Inc., has identified many other benefits.

The many reasons for charging an EV at home include:

  • Convenience—Charge at home anytime. There may be a line at the nearest public charging station. Driving to a public charging station and waiting in line is time that could be put to better use.
  • Cost-effectiveness—Home charging is typically more cost-effective, especially when taking advantage of off-peak electricity rates.
  • Reliability—The home charging station is always available as compared to finding a public station out of service. As the owner of the home charging station, you control the maintenance, making sure it’s always in working order.
  • Flexibility—Home charging can take place at night, in the evening while watching favorite TV shows, while working at home, doing chores, or soaking in the hot tub. There’s also the flexibility to charge during off-peak hours.
  • Privacy and security—Charging at home reduces the risk of theft or vandalism, and increases personal safety.

Public charging stations play an important role in a national EV-charging infrastructure and are definitely convenient during road trips. EV charging stations at work are a plus and a convenience. For the most part, having the ability to charge at home while relaxing or catching up on home chores offers the most benefits.

The San Luis Obispo electricians are experienced with installing the wiring and chargers for home, public, and workplace EV charging stations. California requires new construction to be wired for EV charging, but homes built before that law was enacted rarely have the necessary wiring. For those homes, retrofitting the wiring and connecting a charging station is necessary. For homes with the wiring already in place, it’s simply a matter of properly connecting the charging station.

Some apartment complexes are enabling EV charging in the parking stall, either by installing chargers or allowing tenants to install their own. HOAs are also cooperating with homeowners who wish to install EV charging stations. Before deciding to buy an EV and install a charging station for apartment or condo life, check with the apartment management or HOA to find out what the requirements are.

Electricraft, a local family-owned company, has been providing electricians for projects in San Luis Obispo and nearby communities on the Central Coast since it was founded in 1984. Electricraft serves residential, commercial, industrial, data centers, medical complexes, public works, and more, working on projects from wiring inspections and repairs to complex industrial wiring for new construction projects. Services include:

  • Wiring and cabling for new construction of single buildings to multi-building complexes.
  • Wiring for homes, apartments, condominiums, mobile home parks, and HOAs.
  • Electrical inspections, repairs, and upgrades.
  • Solar system installations.
  • EV charging wiring and charger installation.
  • Electrical remodeling.
  • Private property wiring.

Electricraft, Inc. is a full-service electrical company that is very familiar with building and electrical codes. The team has been working with local code inspectors for 40 years and makes sure all the components of the electrical systems are code-compliant before the inspectors arrive, and answers any questions from the inspectors or property owners.

Electricraft, Inc. assures professional, on-time, quality service to our customers at a fair price. Electricraft prides itself in completing the work right the first time and acknowledges the urgent, short response time necessary to mobilize and complete projects in today’s fast-paced construction atmosphere. Electricraft is available on a 24-hour, 7 day a week emergency basis.

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