January 21, 2022
Cayucos Vets Hall to be restored

Community members aim to restore Cayucos Vets Hall

Building is the only venue of its kind in Cayucos

–The Restore the Cayucos Vet’s Hall Committee (www.restorecayucosvetshall.org) has been formed to help restore the iconic Cayucos venue. The hall has been closed since 2016 due to structural deterioration. To restore and open it is estimated to cost $5.4m. SLO County received a $1.8m grant in 2019 which could expire soon. The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors will consider funding the $3.5-million remaining balance at their Sept. 28 public meeting.

The closing of the building has been a burden to the community. Besides being a sell-out venue for weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions, the hall is used by Cayucos community organizations for fundraising events supporting scholarships, seniors, fireworks, the arts and economic activity in the community. It is the only venue of its kind in Cayucos.

The committee has launched a fundraising campaign to demonstrate to the board of supervisors that the Vet’s Hall is a valuable economic resource because it will be a self-supporting, income-generating investment for the county and the community. The community’s support is meant to emphasize to the supervisors that the restoration and financing of this historic building is a wise fiscal decision.

Funds raised in this effort will be dedicated to reducing county costs, refurbishing the hall and to emphasize that the Vet’s Hall should remain an affordable resource for the local community organizations.

The Board of Supervisors will decide on Sept. 28 whether or not to provide for the funding for its restoration. The Committee intends to raise at least $200,000 in commitments by that date to send an emphatic message to the Board. Their long-term goal is to raise $500,000.